S.P.A. ‛Synergy of Progress and Adventure' is a slogan which perfectly reflects the role that our travel agency plays in the life of your company. Thanks to our trips, training and motivational programmes for your employees and clients, the company develops even more dynamically and makes it possible for persons engaged in this cooperation to feel that working with you and working for you is a fabulous and unforgettable adventure.

Since 2002 we have been handling organizing incentive and integration events, indoor and outdoor training, conferences and business meetings. Being a licensed travel agency helps, to a large extent, to offer you the best and most interesting destinations in Poland, Europe and in the whole world.

In one package S.P.A. combines the development of your company, training of your employees, rewarding your clients, journeys, physical activity and adventure. Such a combination of all the said factors allows us to create a product which will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with a detailed offer of our activities, i.e.:

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