The best way to motivate or reward your employees, contracting parties or business partners is providing them with incentive packages.

S.P.A. invites you not only for rewarding trips but also under the attention and with help of specialists and experts S.P.A. invites you to participate in programmes which challenge their participants by setting clear, realistic and measurable goals. After achieving these goals participants have a chance to go for the journey of their lives.

A characteristic feature of getaways organized by S.P.A. is a synergy of exploring the most interesting places in the world and spending time actively by participants. Each motivational programme organized by our team includes acquiring new skills begining with these helpful on Formula 1 race track through necessary skills to reach the highest peaks of the world. One thing is known for sure, participants will not only feel that they have been doing something special by dedicating themselves to their current and new passions, they will also associate positive emotions accompanying them during our getaways with you and your company.

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