EVENTS - parties

An evening party is a very good idea for rewarding your employees in connection with closing a transaction or a project, achieving your company's target financial result, or just simply as a cyclical event.

We will organize a unique and original party which will be still talked about in your company's corridors for many months ahead. We will take care of choosing a proper place, transportation, and attractions. We will take care of all details to ‛open doubting Thomas' eyes. Look - we say. This is ours, performed by us and this is not our last word.‛.

In our offer we have a significant number of theme parties, including: ‛Mamma Mia Party‛, ‛Havana Night‛, ‛Casino Royale‛, ‛Brazilian Fiesta‛, ‛ Harem Night ‛, ‛Romanian Party‛, ‛Fear Night‛, ‛Prison Slang Night‛, etc. 

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